Webscanner - software for webpages analytics

Webscanner can crowl any websites and give you data what you want.

Can use cookies

Webscanner can use cookies and keep logedin during analyzing websites or analyze cookies trafic.

Can execute javascript & ajax

Webscanner can execute javascript and ajax same as browser. You can also dynamicaly set on what page should be javascript interpreted.

Can login to websites

You need analyze webpages after login? No problem. Webscanner can login to any webpages as you can.

MySQL as data storage

All colected data about webpages are store in MySQL database. So any other app can read them.

Responsive UI in browser

All settings and handlin is in your browser. You can connect from anywhere and from any device you want

Many scripts for free use

We are prepering meny scripts for Webscanner for free used. So it will be easy collect data as you want.

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